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Mineral Rights of CPRM

Mineral Rights of CPRM 

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2nd quarter 2018 (expected)
3rd quarter 2018 (expected)
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    Brownfield Project


    Exploratory Concession Right


    Miriri Phosphate: 7 mining processes (7.572,84 ha). Palmeirópolis Copper, Lead e Zinc: 6 mining processes (5.500 ha). Candiota Coal: 5 main sites e 56 research lincenses (96.875,76 ha). Bom jardim de Goiás Cooper: 1 site (1.000 ha).




    The granting conditions of each project, with its values and the business model are being defined by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and CPRM

Project Summary

The Mineral Resources Research Company - CPRM is a federal public company affiliated with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and which is assigned to the Geological Survey of Brazil. The company now has 376 areas of active mineral research in projects developed between the 1970s and 1990s.

Four projects were selected to integrate the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI):

  • The Miriri Phosphate (in the states of Paraíba and Pernambuco);
  • Palmeirópolis Copper, Lead and Zinc (in the State of Tocantins);
  • Candiota Coal (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul); and
  • Bom Jardim de Goiás Copper (in the state of Goiás).

The minerals constitute raw materials for agriculture (phosphate) and for power generation (coal). They are also relevant to mineral exploration companies (zinc and copper). The mineral deposits qualified in the PPI are found at an intermediate stage in advanced research. The areas count on research projects approved by the National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM.

The Miriri phosphate area has considerable importance in the domestic market. There is now a strong demand for that mineral in Brazil. The country imports about 43% of the phosphate it consumes, and is primarily used in the agricultural industry. The area under concession has excellent infrastructure for the implementation of mining projects, served by state and federal roads, and the Cabedelo and Suape ports. The project encompasses seven mining processes (7572.84 ha), with final research reports approved by the DNPM.

The Palmeirópolis copper, lead and zinc deposits are somewhat small but have a high potential for boosting reserves and are in a good infrastructure location (served by roads and railways). The project involves 6 mining processes (5,500 ha) with research reports approved by the DNPM as well. It's worth noting that zinc is a commercial interest metal in the short and medium term and quite attractive for mineral exploration companies.

The Candiota coal deposit features excellent logistical infrastructure. There are 5 main areas, with 56 research permits (96875.76 ha), whose final research reports are already approved by the DNPM. Coal is mainly used in thermal power plants within the region (like the Presidente Medici Thermal Power Plant). Other power plants are being deployed nearby, some in the licensing phase.

The Bom Jardim copper deposit is pertinent for mineral exploration companies. The project involves an area of 1,000 ha, with the final research report approved by the DNPM. There is good infrastructure nearby

The table below shows the volume of production for each of the areas placed in the project:

BLOCKS Volume (m3) Tonnage Coverage <50m
Arroio Pitangueira 318,392,393 568,396,327 *26%
Arroio Pitangueira Norte 62,372,391 113,016,199 **98%
Arroio dos Vimes 401,257,347 710,465,910 *21%
Estância da Glória 401,612,813 708,357,691 *15%
Seival II 181,641,655 322,986,895 ***38%
TOTAL 1,365,276,599 2,423,223,022  


  • Project Current Situation

    Studies are currently bieng carried out.

    Documents published in the Union Offcial Journal:

    Date: 10/19/2017 - Contract extracts: 60/2017 (Fosfato de Miriri - PE e PB) and 61/2017 (Cobre de Bom Jardim de Goiás - GO)

    Date: 10/20/2017 - Contract extracts: 62/2017 (Cobre, Chumbo e Zinco de Palmeirópolis - TO)

    Date:12/18/2017- Contract extract 70/201(Carvão de Candiota- RS)


Cobre de Bom Jardim

Cobre de Bom Jardim

Fosfato de Miriri (PE-PB) CPRM

Fosfato de Miriri (PE-PB) CPRM

Cobre, Chumbo e Zinco de Palmeirópolis TO

Cobre, Chumbo e Zinco de Palmeirópolis TO

Carvão de Candiota

Carvão de Candiota

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